"Functionally terrific website, delivered on time and to budget. It really has given the USE YOUR VOTE campaign a great start."

"Pigeon Penguin built the Database and Back Office website connected to our App. The speed, functionality and service is phenomenal."

"Our website has enabled us to professionalise what we do. It has really improved our effectiveness to communicate and attract new players and sponsors."

"The website is now a fundamental part of the school and enables us to communicate with existing and prospective parents. It really gives a great impression of the school. We are delighted."

"A new type of media to which people turn to before their local newspaper."

"Developing useful apps for small companies so they can work smarter."

What we do

Pigeon Penguin design and build websites in multiple sectors; education, sport, media, small business, news, politics, community, industry and others.

How we do it

Each time we work with a client we use plain language. We discuss what is needed. We discuss what is not needed. We design, build and review iteratively with the client incorporating feedback and new ideas as we build.

But once we have built the website we don't walk away. We monitor and advise on website usage with Google Analytics. We measure effectiveness of aligned social media campaigns. We adapt the website. We support the client. We provide a first rate service.

Why Us

All our websites are responsive (work on a smartphone and tablet) as these days that is just a given. All our websites are fast performing sites as measured by industry standards.

We build new functionality for our websites, we build our own plugins; a plugin to show customer quotes, to display football fixtures and tables, to display a school bag drop. The only limiting factor is imagination, if it can be imagined we can look to build it.

We consult; SEO, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Social Media. We have saved a significant amount of money for companies by reviewing what they are spending their money on; Google Adwords is good but it needs to be used efficiently.

We build databases; fast, adaptive, useful. We connect data coming from Apps to a cloud based database to a back office website. We enable clients and their customers to analyse their data; create actions, track actions, view reports, know that they are in control.

Where we work

We are based in Midlothian Scotland but that does not limit our reach. Technology ensures we work locally with clients in Edinburgh, The Borders, The Lothians, Scotland but also with clients in London, Canada and Australia

We do that.